Customer Pickup


When do we Pickup our Inflatable?

Friday 5pm - 6pm

When do we Return our Inflatable?

Monday 10am
Monday 5pm-6pm

If there is a high probability of rain on Sunday or Monday and to prevent damage and
wear & tear to our inflatable,
YPE may request an earlier return time.

What type of vehicle do I need?

Truck,Van or SUV with foldable seats.
NOTE:  Please clean out the back of your vehicle
before arrival.

If you get extras items like
tables, chairs, games, etc.
You will need room for those as well.

Click HERE and HERE to view videos on How To Set-up & Take-down your Moonbounce.
courtesy of Noah's Ark Inflatables and KECPartyRentals.

Click HERE


What comes with my inflatable?

We will provide the bounce house, blower, tarp, and stakes to anchor your inflatable. The only thing you will need is MAN POWER and ELECTRIC POWER.  We recommend two strong men and a standard home outlet or a generator.  You will need to be within 25ft of the power source or you will need an extension cord.  Your extension cord should be no longer than 100ft for maximum power to your blower. Please view the How To Videos above to help with your setup & tear-down.

  There will be a replacement fee for items not returned with your inflatable. 
Blower ($150) Tarp($30) Stakes($1ea)
Party Panel ($150)


Where are you located?

Park 42, Pine Grove Road, Suite 69, 
Locust Grove, GA 30248

We are in Park 42 Business Park on the corner of Hwy 42 and Pine Grove Road.  Please turn onto Pine Grove Road and then take the 1st driveway on the left into Park 42.  Take an immediate right and follow the driveway to the right of the wood/hedge fence. This driveway takes you to the back of our building and our loading door which
faces Pine Grove Road. 

View (GOOGLE MAP) to see our building location.

  If you put our address into a GPS, it will take you all the way down Pine Grove Road.  Please follow the directions above.


Terms & Conditions
Yard Party Events

YPE will inspect and disinfect the rental equipment prior to pickup by the customer.

YPE will supply the customer with inflatable, blower, tarp, and stakes.  Set-up & tear-down instructions are also available.

YPE will inspect the equipment after it has been returned to insure that the equipment is clean and free from any negligent damage.

YPE will charge the customer a cleaning, repair, or replacement fee for a a dirty, negligent damaged, or stolen inflatable.


Customer acknowledges that they are responsible for safe keeping of the rental equipment while in their possession and will setup in a Secure area.

Customer will watch videos to make sure the unit is installed properly on GRASS and will follow all
Rules of Operation.

Customer will return all items given with the rental and will return the unit in Clean condition or agrees to a missing item fee or a $50-75 cleaning fee.
(dirt, mud, gum, silly string, food, etc.)

Customer agrees to return their DRY inflatable in DRY condition or agrees to a drying charge. Unauthorized water will receive a
Drying/Extra Time/Extra Labor Fee of $25-$50.
(excluding rain and water inflatables).

Customer agrees to pay repair/replacement charge for any negligent damage to or loss of the unit.
(dogs, sharp objects, rips, or theft, etc.)

Customer agrees to return their inflatable
Monday at 10am or Monday 5pm-6pm or agrees
to pay $5/per 15 min late fee.

Customer agrees to roll up Sunday night when returning Monday at 10am to avoid a $25 Nightime/Morning Dew Drying Fee.

Customer agrees to return their inflatable in the manner is was received or agrees to a $10 Re-Roll for Storage Fee. Folded inflatables are not acceptable.  Please watch How-To Videos for acceptable returns.



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